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Artist's Statement

Artist’s Statement for Jerry Neale

A Brief Interview with the Artist


Q: When did know you wanted to create art?


A: My love affair with art started many years ago with a fascination with computers. When I saw how images could be manipulated on screen it ignited my creativity. I would manipulate electronic images, print them and paste them into collages. Eventually, I began to paint in oils and spray paint, and take my own pictures for prints.  


Q: Tell us about your method for creating art.


A: I work quickly and will often have many pictures in progress - sometimes up to ten at a time! I don’t allow myself to think too much, but look for evocative images. Usually one in five will be something that I really like. The big question for me is, ‘How can I get further out into the unexpected? What can I do that is new?’


Q: What sorts of styles are represented in your collection?


A: I began by working with collages in San Francisco, what I now call the Montage Collection. Next, I began to take photos of what I found on the ground in the city. Many of these prints are monochromatic with subtle, worn out colors – they are called the Urban Relic Collection. Each scrap of discarded junk has a fascinating story, and these photos hint at that. Later, I began to experiment with spray paint and templates. This work is pretty playful art, and some of it looks aboriginal. It is called the Kachina Collection. I’ve also been working in oils, on both paper and canvas – the House Paint Collection. Some of the early work looks like Jackson Pollock, but lately it is more free-wheeling expression of color and shape.


Q: What kind of response do you want to create in the viewer?


A: I want to assault the senses of my viewer. You won’t find much empty space in my work because I want to rivet you to the images. I want to fascinate you and disorient you!


Q: Some of your collages are, well, weird…


A: I want to let the weird shapes and rusty springs speak for themselves. Life is scary sometimes, and art should reflect that. You’re not supposed to necessarily like all the images, but I do hope they evoke a response in you.


Q: You have been creating art for years but are only now showing it. Why now?


A: I’m one of those people who have been creating for a long time, but never had the time or opportunity to show it. Now that I am retired I can devote myself to the collection; my biggest hope is my art will bring a sense of joy and exhilaration to others.

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