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About Us

Firelobe Art Loft

[email protected]
111 So Center St #A
Salmon, ID US
Contact Christine at 204-415-4876
Jerry B. Neale (58) has spent the last twenty years creating contemporary art. In cramped studio space in San Francisco and Reno he generated a body of art that is startling in its breadth and creativity. Now in retirement, Jerry moved his collection to the mountains of Idaho. Firelobe Art Loft in Salmon, Idaho now houses over 3000 pieces of art, including oil paintings, spray paint art, photographs and prints. Few people are neutral in their response to Jerry’s creative work. We invite you to form your own opinion and let this art invade your senses. Here at Firelobe.com we are passionate about the art you find here. We hope you love it too!

What is the Firelobe Art Loft?
Firelobe Art Loft is a newly formed company dedicated to selling the art of Jerry B. Neale.  The artist is the principal of the company and the staff is a small group of volunteers who are committed to this remarkable body of art.  The Firelobe Collection is the product of twenty years of creative productivity by Neale, and has only recently been offered for sale for the first time.  The collection's wide variety and creative power is its hallmark.  If you love modern art, we believe you will find something here to stir your heart and challenge your eyes.  Thanks for letting us share our work with you!

We're not afraid to talk to you. Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net? Contact Us.

Thanks for shopping with us!
Firelobe Art Loft
111 So Center St #A
Salmon, ID 83467
208-865-2281 [email protected]
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