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The Firelobe Art Loft Collection is the product of twenty years of creative productivity by Jerry Neale, and has only recently been offered for sale for the first time.
If you love contemporary art, we believe you will find something here to stir your heart and challenge your eyes.
We will be continuing to add new art to the web site so be sure to check back often. If you would like to see additional art from one or more of the collections, please complete and e-mail the form on the Contact Us page. We will then give you a call and arrange for additional images to be e-mailed to you.

Original Art "Sun Relish"
Original Art
We are currently featuring a small number of Original Art paintings for sale from the Montage and House Paint Collections. Other originals in these collections are available on request, as are the Kachina color paintings. If you would like to inquire about a specific piece on the Original Art page or elsewhere in the collection please Contact Us.
Black and White
These images occur elsewhere in the collection, but are presented here in simple black and white. A lot of people seem to love their simplicity, and it is surprising how the feeling of a piece changes when you remove the color. So these are for all of you folks who just love black and white art.
Black and White Print
Composite Print
Composite Collection
This category of art is some of Jerry's latest digital work. The images in Composite Collection come from various parts of his catalogue such as Kachina and Urban Relic. You will also notice some aboriginal themes that occur only here. As the name suggests, these pieces of art are combinations of various images that struck the artist's fancy, experimental and light-hearted - just digital musings in the electronic age. They are full of color and imagination, we hope you like them!
The House Paint Collection
Jerry Neale also works in acrylic paint on paper. Lovers of the chaos and color of Jackson Pollack's technique will find pleasure in the House Paint Collection. The pieces range from truly dense and challenging to more peaceful and decorative. If you are tired of the usual run of print images that find their way on to the walls of our homes and businesses, consider an image or painting from this collection.
House Paint Print - "Galactic Explosion"
Kachina Print
The Kachina Collection
A recent series of works in a spray paint medium is called the Kachina Collection. These works sit on the border between design and art. In some pieces the layered colors evoke a warm and playful response, while others overwhelm the visual senses with their contrariness. The images inspire both reflection and joy, sometimes with a punch.
The Montage Collection
The Montage Collection is really on the edge. Jerry Neale has produced a unique result by combining his relic art with other natural and man-made objects. This art is not for the meek; it assaults the senses with images and colors that bewilder and delight. It means nothing; it means everything. It is going to take courage to hang this, but your collection will never be the same if you choose one of these pieces.
Montage Print - "Asphalt"
Urban Relic Print - "Serene Picnic"
The Urban Relic Collection
The Urban Relic Collection is a fascinating array of photographs taken during the artist's long residence in the San Francisco Bay area. These photos are not the usual tourist sort. For many years Jerry Neale watched people snapping pictures with the lens pointed up to San Francisco's beautiful skyline. In response he turned his lens to the ground. What he found there are the relics of life on the streets.
"I'm always trying to make art that people can't ignore. You may like my work or dislike it, but you probably won't be able to walk by without at least sneaking a peak at it. And that's all I ask for at the end of the day. Take a look, see what you think, and who knows, maybe something strange and mysterious will happen as you interact with the pictures."

In Loving Memory
of my nephew
Jeffrey Swain


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